New year beauty resolutions

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1. Detox your makeup bag,

Mascara, normally keep for 6 months, lip gloss also around 6 months,

and lipstick for 12 months. Any other powder based products can keep for 18 months to 2 years.

2. Do not sleep with make up

3. Having a healthier life style, this will not only affect your appearance, but also your health

4. Excercise regularly,

when exercising, your body is detoxifying hence glowing skin

5. Stick to a daily basic skincare routine, clean, tone, moisturise, spf protections (SPF15 in Winter, SPF30 in Summer)

and add-on weekly treatments such as exfoliating / deep conditioning / hydrating mask

6. Anti aging from 25+

7. Facial massage daily, even a few minutes per day will make a big different after a year, so start now

8.Try some good quality organic skinare / lipcare products from today,

they are natural and much more powerful than you realise

9. Have quality beauty sleep every night, it is as important as your skincare routine

10. Last but not least, be happy and keep smiling, this will definitely keep you looking beautiful


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  1. Lianne

    Just reading your blog, thanks, v interesting. Any recommendations for face massage? Also I can't find any images of the lip glow actually on lips? The products do look great! Xx

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