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  1. So freshHello there! Recently, I have discovered the Ringana cosmetics range – made in Austria, all natural, & freshly made skincare products. The brand started as a family business over 20 years ago and has since expanded into a multi-award winning business that develops, produces, and distributes freshly made plant based natural cosmetics, and health / nutrition based supplements. I love the fact that they do not compromise their social responsibility over profit, and has mainly focused on their high quality products. Plus, the range is eco-friendly, GM free, vegan, & cruelty-free – sounds good, right?

    Why is it different? Different from other mass manufactured natural cosmetic products, all Ringana cosmetics have been freshly made in their own factory in Austria, all orders will be shipped directly to customers as natural active ingredients work best when they are freshly made. Their cosmetic products do not use any preservatives other than natural preservatives – so do expect a short shelf life and once you have ordered, it should last around 4-6 months.

    Ok, let’s get started with my reviews. My skin type is Normal / Mixed – Skin type 2.

    Cleansing milk

    Cleansing milk (125ml, Suitable for all skin types, Natural & ECO certified Organic) First impression, it is a lotion with a light creamy texture and no overpowering scent, something I really appreciate. On the instructions, it recommends using twice daily for morning and evening to purify the skin, and it can also remove makeup as well. The product is filled with nourishing oils such as sesame oil, grape seed oil, squalene (made from olives), rose oil and plant complex, i.e. sweet clover, jojoba, and ginkgo which are packed with natural antioxidants that help to preserve the skin’s natural acid protection barrier and promote cell growth.

    It did not leave a drying effect on my skin after use and works well as a makeup remover – it removed my foundations, blushers, sun block cream… and all without stinging my eyes (I have sensitive eyes). However, I would opt for a separate eye makeup remover for any mascara or eyeliners, as I prefer not to rub my eyes too much.

    Cleansing milk2

    My thoughts: A good and gentle facial cleanser to use all year around, does what it says, removes most types of makeup, and my skin felt clean and moisturised. It is suitable for sensitive eyes and can be used for all skin types. I love the fact that it comes as a pumped bottle and a cap closure as its antioxidant ingredients would be less active when expose to air over a period of time. 

    Facial toner S (125ml, Suitable for oily & normal to mixed skin types, Natural & ECO certified Organic) This is a light and refreshing toner with a very pleasant and natural scent (think of smells of herbs and plants in a compound/garden). It is blended with sage extract, witch hazel extract, green tea, and rose water, giving a balancing and soothing effect – and is ideal for refining pores thereby helping to prepare your skin to absorb skincare products.

    I have often been using a toner as a second time cleanser applying it over my face and neck to remove any traces of dirt and makeup. It seems gentle on my skin and leaves a fresh sensation without any feeling of dryness. It can also be used after shaving so it works great as a unisex product.

    My thoughts: Toners contain alcohol which can on occasion be harsh to very sensitive skin, this one has not given any problems to me, but the instructions say to avoid the eyes and lips areas – so this is for peace of mind. I would apply their toner L (for dry skin) in cold weather, and the other toner S (for oily to normal skin) on my t-zone for an astringent effect. 


    Hydro serum (30ml, Suitable for oily & normal to mixed skin types, Natural) Loss of moisture on skin could lead to wrinkles, loss of radiance, dullness, and reduced plumpness. With increasing age, skin needs hydration treatment as it starts to slow down its metabolism and self- recovery function. Here are the active ingredients in this serum: Ectoin which is an amino acid working as a barrier preventing cells from drying out and water loss; Hyaluronic acid helps to maintain moisture in the skin; Nigella oil, Totarol and Cherry bud extract which contains concentrated power of the plants.

    Hydroserum swatch3

    It has a smooth gel creamy texture, and is light yet easy to absorb on the skin. After toning my skin, I applied a small coin sized serum, warmed it up between my palms, then pressed them on my face and neck areas. It felt instantly hydrating, my skin looks brighter, plumped, and firmer – and could be highly beneficial for matured skin. 

    My thoughts: Great serum for using all year around, but I would layer an oil serum for my night skincare routine as I tend to have dryer skin in cold weather. It is great to add into my normal foundation as it helps to fix dry patches and shallow wrinkles, bravo!Suitable for both women and men as it has a very neutral yet delightful scent. Love the eco-minded packaging as the glass pumped bottle is protected by a small facial towel rather than a normal outer box packaging – so well done!


    So far, I would say that I love their products and I have enjoyed using them. My skin looks much fresher and brighter as I have been trying to recover from dry skin conditions after a holiday in hot weather and air conditioned rooms. The only cons would be that they are not categorised as budget friendly products, which as a manufacturer myself i can understand – good quality natural and active ingredients are not as cheap as by-products, and manufacturing in small batches will increase the labour costs. So if you are looking for good quality natural and organic (some certified) products that are effective and kind to your skin, and don’t mind paying a little more, the Ringana cosmetic range is right for you.

    TBC, See you back in my next review soon - The Ringana fresh cosmetic reviews part 2, thanks for reading!


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  2. Getting to know the beauty behind itha

    The lovely London based beauty blogger Aliya has uploaded a post on her blog - "Getting to know the beauty behind itha".

    "...this time I’m getting to know the founder of itha London, Kelly. Itha is a London based natural brand most famously known for it’s Organic Lip Conditioners. I first noticed them on the beautiful Rachael from Naturlily  (who I had the pleasure of briefly meeting at Clean Cult 2016) and the lovely Paula Khan. They are packed with lovely natural ingredients such as jojoba wax and organic cocoa butter. Vegans will be delighted to know that this is also vegan friendly."

    Head here to discovery the full story, and find out her green beauty story, her favourite itha product, and so on...We love the interview and the blog post, thank you Aliya!