"The minty lip balm is a dream, even though I'm not always a fan of mint this one is seriously good!" - From rainbowfeetblog instagram

"Rose Kiss really smells like a kiss from a rose...Very moisturizing, silky not tacky and with just the right amount of shimmer. I see these being used a lot" - From caprinic instagram

"Rose kiss on the other hand is a very pretty classic pink, with just a hint of shimmer, very feminine and wearable... If you are a fan of the Korres lip butters then the lip glows will be for you, difference being that the Itha contain a much simpler and nicer ingredients list in my opinion" - From anagoesgreen blog

"Itha Lip Glows are a perfect cross between a tinted lip balm and a sheer lip gloss..Colours are extremely flattering and the scents are beyond delicious." - From rainbowfeet blog

Organic lip conditioner in Rouge de love - "This lip conditioner not only has a beautiful rose-red tint, a heavenly aroma but is also handmade with organic and natural ingredients" - From unartificialbeauty instagram

"This lip conditioners are absolutely amazing, very nourishing and smooth, strong pigmented and delicious smell like a heaven. I'm totally obsessed with them."  From maitechu887 instagram

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Our Organic Lip Conditioner in Orange Bloom is featured in the "Smooth sailing beauty" shot for the Thoughtfully magazine.

Find it on Issue 8, page 37, available from 1 May 2017.


Getting to know the beauty behind itha

The lovely London based beauty blogger Aliya has uploaded a post on her blog - "Getting to know the beauty behind itha".

Head here to discovery the full story.


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